At this site, you will find facts about hypnotism, and
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Carla Emery's Book "Secret, Don't Tell"


  1. Case Histories of Criminal Hypnosis
  2. A Partial History of U. S. Government Mind-control Research
  3. Trance Phenomena
  4. Induction Methods
  5. Legal and Therapy Issues in Criminal Hypnosis
  6. Reference: History, Glossary, Bibliography, Chronology, Index

But all at once...with one wave of his hand over her - with one look of his eye - with a word - Svengali could turn her into the other Trilby, his Trilby - and make her do whatever he liked...
        George Du Maurier, Trilby, 1894

From corrupt therapists to unethical researchers to secretive government agencies, Svengalis have victimized the unsuspecting and the imprudent. SECRET, DON’T TELL is a good read about this too-long closed subject, exposing the darker side of hypnotism throughout history - a world where real-life Svengalis abuse their hapless Trilbys.

Born from the author’s own painful experience with unethical hypnosis, SECRET, DON’T TELL is the product of over a decade of interviews and diligent scholarly research. It is a true encyclopedia in the field of hypnosis and modern mind-control technologies, indispensable for anyone interested in trance phenomena, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counseling, or related fields of law.

Yet Carla Emery’s writing is far from stuffy or academic. This book is intensely readable, with the pace of an excellent suspense novel. It is both compelling and terrifying - and every word is true.


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